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lauantai 2. marraskuuta 2013

I don’t read the obituaries

I don’t read the obituaries
the sun rises up redly
the flowers open wide
the compass has forgotten the North
and I’m waiting for you
for my battery to die on me
for the sprain that twists our words.

I’m a repaired sole at the shoemaker’s
a message on the machine
a smile that eyes evade
the world wants to stretch out our feelings
open doors wide
sweep every stone off the streets.

I don’t read the obituaries
or see people on the town
just the rustling of shopping bags
tired men wandering through malls
are lead into secret stalls to be battered by security
and we have no idea who’s right
who exists just for us
but the clock keeps keeping time
clicks its ticking fingers
second after second after second
our sneakers crunch on the new year’s lingering shards
shattered promises
the hollow trash can at the terminus
waits to be rummaged
visions cut short
bank accounts empty.

Soon the glass too is empty
our lips dry
you don’t need a reason to stare at your loved ones
to grab hold of every person who dares touch you
who dares to embrace you
and we are many
we don’t read the obituaries
or fear to live
or to open the newspaper at random
or to see that laughter is not the opposite of crying
that candles aren’t burned out by fire
that dreams never lose their meaning
even if they change.

Crumbs on the plate
as if you had left at last
and left this cracked leather behind you
and the plastic promises of better days
with someone else,
as if you had fallen into a loveless ravine
it can’t be rebuilt
life can never be caressed too much
or let slip through your fingers
without fighting for rent
for a shared dinner
during which your eyes know to stay silent
understand without speaking
and speak without understanding.

Translation: Kasper Salonen

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