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lauantai 2. marraskuuta 2013

Full Moon in the Calendar

There's a full moon in the calendar
but I can't see the nocturnal seas
or hear the bottomless wail of craters
nothing in the sky but the shipwrecked light of childhood
toes numb from the cold
hands on the wheel
a soldier freezing in a foxhole
his helmet white from the snow
his youth split in half in an instant
like an egg cracked on the rim of a frying pan
the screech of the big whistle
a skull torn apart by shrapnel
its thoughts all bare
the bumpy reddened skin of a goose
please let there be no one out in the yard
I could just strangle my cock
and scramble my brains when I go on leave.

There's a full moon in the calendar
but I don't know how to read
and I can't see how my winter tires makes love to these icy streets
scratching that unsanded back to find free spaces
as if tearing out the man from under his skin
to see what he's really like
to never ever be betrayed
even though we're both here naked
the newspapers fallen from the bed's edge like leaves
the yellowed sea charts of those lost in the sheets
the sneering snigger of the floorboards
infidelity above the clattering rooftops
ships swaying in the wind
like the brunt breath of consummation
love's hopeless battle
the wild rat-a-tat-tat rattle of machine guns on an empty field
a hollow tree in the middle
fingernails blackened
by places, long since gone
whose names in the atlas are changing.

There's a full moon in the calendar
but I still can't believe it
or hear how the reeds are quivering
when the windows of an ageless child mist over
dead flies between the glass
not even the spider wants to move
only the night sneaks in silence
falls on everything like a curse
a working man of few words
and his smooth sauna steam
in the smell of sap and sweat
worn suede shoes by history's cabinets
and the chipped gravel truths of mass graves
fall down on our shoulders
no signposts or maps for this harsh path
where a soldier returns home blind
his lips a whimpering wind, embarrassed
but crooning in lust
one last time.

Translation: Kasper Salonen

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